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Scappaperamore (1)

How comes this book ??..


that book, i found accidentally on book store, when hang out last week. My friends and I just wanna got some refreshing on last week. We decided to met up at one of famous book store, i bet you know 😉 (gr#m$d*@). please no sponsor here , hehe.

I am looking for a novel written by Haruki Murakami.  I knew this novelist from blog walking and fb. So many people write his /her (dunno exactly ;)) quote that i found on my timeline or my news feed. Okay fine, i kept the name neatly on my folder’s brain.

I started to search that novel on the novel shelf. I can’t found it. I just keep walking through shelf by shelf, used search engine and can’t found it. Finally, i asked one of the shop assistant, a handsome guy, haha… finally, with his warmly, gave short review about that novel, but i didn’t understant. Ooh.. poor me or poor that guy, haha. I tried to scanned side by side, chapter by chapter murakami’s novel. I thought, that we ( murakami’s and I ) were not on same passion. So..I said good bye , dadah ba bay for murakami.. haha (lebayy).

hmm… looking for another target, need supplement right now. I must found one book for coloring journey on this january. Took one kind book, glanced at d cover (hey dont judge a book by it’s cover, common people said) okay, and then i scanned for a while.

And finally… I choose that book.

How comes that book?

I dunnoo.. hehe

coz scappa per amore brcerita ttg benua biru, tentang impian yg belum diijabah, tentang impian yang sempat ingin dikubur..


*use bahasa, kembali ke realita hehehe



5 thoughts on “Scappaperamore (1)

  1. Salam silaturahim …
    belum pernah baca novelnya Haruki Murakami hehe … Nah, yang ini juga belum. Belum jodoh atau belum nyari, ya? hehe
    Trims ya sudah berkunjung

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