Percik Hati



a season..

yup, there (were)/(are) so many seasons in my life

sometimes..i lose my self

sometimes.. i have full of spirit through the days

sometimes.. i feel my days walks in ‘ordinary’ ways

sometimes.. i feel can’t stand tall

sometimes.. i think that GOD has given me so many angel ‘make’ friend with me

n sometimes.. i didnt see anyone around me

up and’s just a ‘season’

n sometimes..i think that I can’t conquer it all

then..lying on my bed,,hear d clock tick, crying..

wishing night can answer all my question

but sometimes,,


there is a huge, magic power..n i didnt know where its from

i felt..’i am alive’

yeah..a season..

sometimes..i feel..

people today dont know what they expect from their life,,

too much understanding blurries d ‘golden’ goal,,

ordinary ways means nothing, is it true?..

life is just about d time.that’s all..

“oohh..its a fight,n i wanna really get it right

where i’am my life before me,

got this feeling, that i cant go back”

leann rimes said on her song

life must… and still goes on..

every scene of my real film

d script of me has been done by d almighty ‘scriptwriter’

i have to be a professional actress,(maybe..:D)

yup,, there is always a season

time after time

“in d middle of night,

wanna spell about ‘season’

that i missed.. sometimes..”